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On having Honours & Masters from Accounting Deptt. of Dhaka University, Chairman of SWAN GROUP Mr. Khabeer Uddin Khan have started trading business (Import & Supply) in 1984. Subsequently the group engaged in production business, initially with ‘SWAN’ brand FOAM and ultimately with ‘SWAN’ brand CHEMICALS & ‘SWAN’ brand MATTRESSES, Simple ethics & principles of the company is to keep best quality of products together with customer services & transparency. Virtually we feel comfortable to speak about our weaknesses (if any) before talking about our strengths. Finally we start our journey to make very best construction of Residential & Commercial Buildings with same quality consciousness where we care for quality of: construction, commitments & customer services. During last 35 years of our entrepreneurship we have tried to earn good name; love & respect from our valued customers because we strongly believe that satisfied customers are our assets. We invite everybody to enquire about our activities. Regards

Our Companies

Swan Foam

Since last 33 years we are producing & marketing "SWAN" brand polyurethane Foam with reputation. We believe in customer satisfaction thus careful about quality.
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Swan Mattress

SWAN SPRING MATTRESS: is produced out of mostly nature origin raw materials such as : Steel Springs; Coir Sheets; Cotton Felts; Steel Edge Guards etc; it again
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Swan Chemicals

"SWAN ADHESIVES" are widely used in the field of shoe, furniture, foam & transport sectors. Before few years, adhesives were being imported from Korea, Taiwan
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Swan Properties

SWAN PROPERTIES LTD. sister concern of SWAN GROUP , has emerged with positive vision to ensure quality products and commitment together with speed....
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