On having Honours & Masters from Accounting Deptt. of Dhaka University, Chairman of SWAN GROUP Mr. Khabeer Uddin Khan have started trading business (Import & Supply) in 1984. Subsequently the group engaged in production business, initially with ‘SWAN’ brand FOAM and ultimately with ‘SWAN’ brand CHEMICALS & ‘SWAN’ brand MATTRESSES, Simple ethics & principles of the company is to keep best quality of products together with customer services & transparency. Virtually we feel comfortable to speak about our weaknesses (if any) before talking about our strengths. Finally we start our journey to make very best construction of Residential & Commercial Buildings with same quality consciousness where we care for quality of: construction, commitments & customer services. During last 35 years of our entrepreneurship we have tried to earn good name; love & respect from our valued customers because we strongly believe that satisfied customers are our assets. We invite everybody to enquire about our activities. Regards

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