Swan Mattress

SWAN FAMILY produces SWAN MATTRESSES (Spring; Re-Bonded & Coir). 

SWAN SPRING MATTRESS: is produced out of mostly nature origin raw materials such as : Steel Springs; Coir Sheets; Cotton Felts; Steel Edge Guards etc; it again ensures air circulation and your entire body weight (heavy or light) is being distributed thoroughly on the Mattress.

SWAN RE-BONDED MATTRESS: is produced and reprocessed by special technology. It is stick & hard. Those who feel pain in Back/Backbone or Doctor advise to sleep on hard bedding or those who are interested to use Hard Mattress Swan Re-Bonded Mattress is the only solution for them.

Whereas SWAN COIR MATTRESS: is produced with thick Coir Sheets & Quilted Cloths.

All over the world, Cotton Mattresses have become obsolete due to the unscientific body posture it creates when you sleep on it for 8 hours, this results into irreparable orthopedic problems; alternatively people needs uninterrupted sound sleep to be 100% relaxed to start next day  activities with full energy = SWAN MATTRESS is the best option.

Moreover, international statistical data shows that during last 33 years demand & use of COSTLY MATTRESSES have increased tremendously in comparison with CHEAP MATTRESSES.