Swan Natural Orthopedic Mattress

Swan Natural Orthopedic Mattress is produced with thick coir sheets & re-bonded. The coir derived from coconut husk which is a vital component of natural coir mattress.

Lying on a Swan Natural Orthopedic (Coir) mattress gives you the feeling of a cool sensation and complete relaxation. Those who loves nature Swan Natural Orthopedic mattress should be the best choice.

Key Features

  • Comfortable mattress for sound and uninterrupted sleep to wake up fresh every day.
  • Provide natural comfort.
  • Durable and long lasting.
  • Best quality natural coir and built with advanced machineries.
  • Higher quality quilted fabric with soft fiber padding & foam.
  • Thickness of standard mattress is 4″  but any thickness required by customer can be supplied.


  1. Customer can choose mattress fabrics from our different foreign & local fabrics collections.
  2. We can also delivery under size mattress (Below 4”); price will be added Tk.25, 75 & 125 for 3.5” 3” & 2” per CFT.
  3. For purchase & other details pl. call our hotline no: 01755660404 & visit our showrooms.
  4. We provide home delivery within 72 hour in Dhaka city. For home delivery pl. call 01730060197.
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