Swan Standard SR Adhesive

Swan Standard SR (Synthetic Rubber Adhesive)  is a kind of new product which developed by our technical.


  • Excellent bonding Strength.
  • Long tack time.
  • Good Coverage.
  • Good heat & water resistance.
  • Low price but high quality.


  • Appearance: Yellow Reddish.
  • Main Component: Polychloroprene.
  • Storage Life: 6 months (Aprox).
  • Inflammable: Yes (use only in well ventilated place).

Area of Application:

  • Footwear Industries, Furniture, upholstery & multi purpose.
  • Swan Standard SR is brash able on substrate like leather, rubber, leather, foam, fabric , micro sole, wood, PVC etc.


Packing: 15 Litter, 3 Litter, 250 ml.

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